A Short History

The church itself was completed in 1889, on land donated by John and Thomas Farnsworth, at the request of their brother-in-law John Nightingale, who conducted services as the lay reader. The first ordained priest, the Reverend  Frederick Granville Christmas, was appointed at John Nightingale’s death in 1909. The photographs show John and Ruth (Farnsworth) Nightingale, and ‘Father’ Christmas.


The first interments in our cemetery were 6-year-old William Hollings, who died in a buggy accident, and 21-year-old  Campbell Messenger Sheppard, both in 1896. The first headstones are visible in this early photograph.



In 1937 the church building, shown c. 1930 below the original photo, was nearly 50 years old, and the roof and a wall were badly damaged by a heavy snowfall. This revealed further massive structural issues and the old building was torn down and the present church (bottom) was completed in 1938.


The rectory next door was built in 1952, the parish hall in 1956, and the office building (the Pastoral Centre), in 1989, followed shortly after by renovations which expanded the church to its present size and appearance.


St. John’s joyfully celebrated its 125th anniversary on June 24, 2012. We continue to provide for the spiritual needs of the community, and stand as a reminder of our shared history and future.