How We Worship

Colossians 1:11  May you be prepared to endure everything with patience.


We are an Anglican church, part of a world-wide communion founded in England in the 16th century, where the Archbishop of Canterbury is still the head. Central to worship for Anglican is the celebration of Holy Eucharist, or Holy Communion; other important rites (sacraments) include baptism and marriage.


What to expect when you come to St. John’s Church…
Greeters, called ‘sides-people’, welcome people into the church and will hand you a prayer book, and they can assist you in locating the washrooms. At the appropriate time during the service, they also collect the financial and food bank offerings, and invite people to approach the sanctuary to receive Holy Communion.

St. John’s supports the CMS Food Bank, and a basket for food or money donations is available at the entrance of the church every Sunday.

The Anglican service includes a lot of movement. We stand for singing, the reading of the Gospel, and the Creed. When we are called to pray together we stand, sit or kneel, following our personal practice or the direction of the priest. At the contemporary  service, when we share the Peace of Christ we do so by shaking other’s hands, warmly greeting each other, saying, “Peace be with you.”

Sunday School is available when regular attendance makes it possible. We currently have a church playgroup on the third week of a month for our pre-schoolers. A “busy-box” containing books and other quiet activities can be found at the back of the church in the children’s corner – designated by the area rug.

Financial gifts - During the offertory hymn a collection plate is passed among the pews. Visitors wanting to give a financial gift to the church are welcome to use the offering envelopes in the pew in front of them, and tax receipts will be issued at the end of the year for amounts exceeding $25 providing that you include your name, mailing address and the amount given on the envelope.

Holy Communion - All who seek God are welcome to the Lord’s Table to receive the Bread and the Wine. Even if you are not sure that you seek God, you are still welcome, because God seeks you. Come and hold in your hand and taste on your lips the love which we cannot comprehend.
As the sides-people reach your pew to invite you, please approach the altar rail and kneel or stand. If you prefer to receive a blessing instead, fold your arms across your chest and the priest will know you wish to receive a blessing. Due to health concerns, the practice of intinction (dipping the bread/wafer into the wine) is not permitted. It is also perfectly acceptable to receive communion in one kind only (e.g. bread and no wine).

If you would like to learn more about Holy Communion please speak to the Rector.

If you are considering becoming a member of St. John’s Church, please ask a Sidesperson for a booklet which contains additional information about who we are, how we can care for you, and how you can be part of our family of faith.