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St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Sidney, BC seeks a Director of Music to enhance and support the worship life of the community through the playing and leading of hymns and songs, the encouragement and preparation of our choir and congregation, working together with the clergy team to achieve a cohesive vision of worship.

Position Overview

To ensure the worship experience at services and other worship gatherings is enhanced using music (instrumental and choral) so that the congregation is encouraged to participate.

To provide quality music leadership, modelling at all times the values and standards of the Anglican Church of Canada and St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Sidney, BC.

Please note that all activities associated with this position will be achieved in a manner consistent with the Parish Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provide leadership in a ministry of music which is sensitive to the Anglican traditions, goals and
practices of the parish as well as to changes in liturgical seasons.
2. Maintain, attend, nurture, recruit for and direct practices for the choir each week for eleven (11)
months of the year.
3. Encourage children and youth by creating opportunities for them to provide or join in providing
music for services.
4. Recruit, train and work with the members of the choir.
5. Select motets, anthems or other messages of music and suitable preludes and postludes for
each worship service.
6. Maintain and manage liturgical and choir music library and vestments.
7. Identify and arrange for supplementary musicians in accordance with the available budget.
8. Prepare an annual music budget and submit it to the Wardens for approval by the Parish Council. All
church budgets are based on the calendar year.
9. Attend staff meetings when required.
10. Other duties as assigned from time to time.

Position Requirements

1. Good interpersonal and group management skills.
2. The ability to teach and encourage volunteer choristers with a varied range of musical competency
and training.
3. Knowledge and skill to play both piano and organ in the leadership of worship music.
4. Solid understanding of the role of music in liturgy and of the wide range of music styles of praise
music and traditional liturgical music and hymns available.
5. Ability to work collaboratively with the clergy in worship.
6. Openness to suggestions, recommendations and guidance.

Job Specifications

1. The Rector and Executive Council (wardens) are responsible for overall supervision and annual
review. Day to day reporting is to the Rector.
2. Salary commensurate with RCCO guidelines, based on experience and education.
3. Benefits to be determined.
4. Start date to be determined.
5. Annual vacation of one month to be scheduled by mutual arrangement and to avoid major church
festival seasons.
6. Compliance with diocesan canons, regulations and policies.
7. Ability to utilize church space for rehearsing and teaching private students if desired, depending
upon the church’s schedule.
8. Additional compensation for weddings, memorial and funeral services.

1. The church has an Allen Renaissance organ and a Yamaha grand piano.
2. There is a Baldwin upright piano in the rehearsal room and a small Suzuki grand piano in the church

To apply: Please email resume and cover letter to and include the contact
information for three references.

Deadline to apply: June 30, 2024